Laminates and Composites

Laminates and Composites

Adroit Engineering has experience in the supply of products machined from laminates and composites material.

These include SRBP and SRBF materials, polyester glass, epoxy glass, carbon hybrids and high temperature laminates.

Applications include

  • transformer boards
  • bus bar supports
  • high voltage insulators
  • springs
  • transformer bobbins
  • sealing plates
  • slot wedges
  • collars
  • rollers

laminates-and-compositesAdroit Engineering supply insulation parts to a wide range of clients in various industries including machine tool maintenance, motor rewind, power generation and electronic component manufacturers.

We also stock rod, sheet, tube, channel and angle sections for sale at competitive prices, while also offering a break down service based on client´s requirements.

Enquires will be dealt with promptly and our prices are competitive, with local deliveries being made by our own transport to reduce carriage and packaging costs.

For more information on Laminates and Composites or any of our other services please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1675 477910 as we would be grateful to be given the opportunity to support your company.